Finding Your Perfect Lender

Thomas USAF Group, LLC (TUSAF) Loan Origination & Underwriting Division consists of experienced CPA’s, bankers, loan underwriters and analysts that feed direct working relationships with lenders throughout the country over the past 30 years. Thomas USAF Group has made a name for itself in the industry by being the most experienced in high quality USDA B&I and CF loans, SBA 504 1st mortgages and SBA 7(a) loans. Also because Thomas USAF purchases 75% to 95% of the loan from the lender, the lenders know that we have our vested interest in the loans, and therefore, accept our underwriting. This enables us to find a lender that is just right for your loans in a quick and secure manner. This benefits the borrower by saving time and effort on their part, as well as saving the lender from a long under-writing process and hours of due diligence. Lenders look to TUSAF to provide a seamless service from the start of a loan through the approval by the USDA and/or SBA, and the closing process.

Structuring Your Loan to Succeed

In order to determine its viability and present financing options, we will thoroughly analyze your financing request and needs. For your loan to be well-received in today’s rapidly evolving financial marketplace, we utilize our expertise and background to customize your presentation and your loan structure. Due to our unique expertise, TUSAF will present your loan in such a way that it meets both the needs of the lender, USDA, SBA and TUSAF as the purchaser.

Sometimes, throughout the loan process, the lender, USDA and SBA loan policies conflict and do not always match up. To keep it on track and ensure a solid finish, we continually manage the process throughout the loan. We can also meet your financing needs with multiple solutions (with SBA and USDA loan combinations).

Managing Lender and USDA

During the course of a normal loan process, many needs and issues arise and must be managed effectively. We are available to provide assistance through all stages of loan processing: structuring, pre-application processing, underwriting, loan submission, loan approval and the closing until the loan is fully funded. To ensure your loan is eligible and your loan guarantee is approved, we communicate our lenders on a daily basis. Post-funding, we purchase 100% of the guaranteed portion of each loan, paying the lender a discounted premium.

Coordinating Your Loan from Start-To-Finish

If not handled properly, the USDA/SBA loan process can include road blocks and uncertain outcomes, because each program is different and must meet specific requirements. To get consistent results for the borrower, we have transformed a complicated process into a ready source of business financing. Because of our 34 years of experience with both the SBA and USDA’s B&I loan programs, we are able to get the job done. This is a key to our success and has allowed us to provide extraordinary results for clients. With our lending expertise and USDA B&I, SBA program mastery, we concentrate on USDA B&I, CF, 504 and 7(a) loans. We have become over time the number one source for USDA B&I and CF financing. As a result, we have achieved a reliable track record of reaching success for our clients in a complicated loan product, with a 99% submission to approval ratio.

Being uniquely positioned, Thomas USAF Group has the capability to offer exceptional services to meet your specific and growing needs.

In summary, Thomas USAF Group, LLC (Loan Origination & Underwriting Division) can provide the following:

USDA/ SBA eligibility and qualification
USDA/ SBA loan structuring that meets all requirements
Highest quality service to borrowers seeking to process a USDA B&I or CF loan, SBA 504 First Mortgage or SBA 7(a) loan
Interaction with national and state USDA/ SBA offices to ensure their contentment with the final product and to make certain that all loans are presented and approved in a timely manner.