Direct Rural Lending

Thomas USAF Announces Its Newest
“Direct Rural Lending Program!”

Thomas USAF’s newest “Direct Rural Lending Program” is aimed at providing relief to “Rural Businesses” and Businesses catering to the “Agricultural Sector.” Our nationwide program is designed to bring Direct Funding to underserved Rural Borrowers and is often coupled with SBA 504 Debentures. Our targets include:

1. Businesses that are Essential to Rural Communities
2. Other Rural Businesses
3. Rural Businesses generally excluded from this program: Hospitality, Restaurants, Gas stations, Car Washes, Start-ups, Faith-based projects, Big Box businesses and projects involving Environmental Sensitivity. Borrowers involved in Agriculture may qualify for exceptions.

Loan to value up to 90%
Construction, Interim and Permanent Financing
Rates as low as 5% with up to a 20 year Term and 30 year Amortization
Rates can be reset periodically anywhere from 90 days to 20 years
Preferred Loan Size: $5,000,000 – $15,000,000
~Referrals from Banks, CDC’s, Brokers and Service Providers are welcome~

In the late 1990’s B&I Lending, an affiliate of Thomas USAF Group, established itself as USDA’s largest “B&I” Non-Bank Lender to Rural Businesses. Thomas Financial Group, an affiliate, has been a bank service provider to community banks since 1983, serving rural and urban communities alike through SBA/USDA Guaranteed Loan Programs.

Since 1986, five funds under the “USAF” umbrella have established themselves as leading secondary market buyers of USDA B&I loans and a selective buyer of SBA loans, with over $2 Billion in loans purchased. Our commitment to the secondary market continues.
Thomas USAF Group is the only participant in the rural market with both Lending and Buying experience, having originated, closed and purchased over $1 Billion in rural loans.

Call to find out if your business can qualify for the Direct Rural Lending Program!

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Vasu Srinivasan, President of Thomas USAF Group 404-365-2030
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