What We Do


Since the inception of the first six USAF funds in 1986, we have purchased in excess of $3.0 Billion in SBA and USDA guaranteed loans.  Thomas USAF Group buys banks’ loans guaranteed by government agencies like SBA and USDA.  While the fund emphasizes loans guaranteed by USDA under their B&I and CF Loan Programs and SBA 504 Guaranteed 1st Mortgages, it also purchases SBA 7(a) loans selectively.  Thomas USAF Group, like its other sister USAF funds, is a leading buyer of USDA guaranteed loans.


(2015) – Our sixth fund founded by Michael Thomas and Vasu Srinivasan is a leading buyer of USDA B&I and CF loans, as well as select SBA loans.

McDonald USAF, LP

(2011) – Our fifth fund founded by Michael Thomas and Vasu Srinivasan  has over 65 investors and is managed by Thomas USAF’s management. In 2011 and 2012 it was an active purchaser of SBA 504 Guaranteed 1st Mortgages under the FMLP Program, as well as USDA’s B&I, CF Loans and selective SBA 7(a) Loans. The fund purchased 127 loans totaling $242 Million.

Thomas USAF Group, LLC

(2004) – Our fourth fund, founded by Michael Thomas, has invested in USDA B&I and CF Loans and SBA 7(a) Loans, totaling $700 Million. It currently purchases loans for reinvestment and is owned and controlled by Michael Thomas and family and is actively purchasing loans.


(2007) – Our third fund, founded by Michael Thomas, was owned by D.B. Zwirn, a New York based hedge fund, and managed by Thomas USAF’s management team. Because D.B. Zwirn was forced to liquidate, the fund was sold in 2010.


(2003) – Our second fund was founded by Michael Thomas, majority owned by D.B. Zwirn, with minority interest held by Thomas USAF Group, LLC and Roark Capital. In 2008, Roark Capital was bought out. Later, in 2010, Thomas USAF was bought out when D.B. Zwirn was forced to liquidate.


(1986) – The first USAF fund was founded by Michael Thomas in 1986. USAF I was the original entity to strip SBA and USDA loans and purchased the first 2,500 originator fee “strips” issued by SBA. It was owned by Aegon, a Dutch Insurance Company, NMB Bank (now known as Voya), STAHL Bank and a group of private investors led by Michael Thomas. USAF I was sold to Union Planters in 1990.