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Michael Thomas Announces the Formation of the Fifth Fund Managed Under the “Thomas USAF Funds” Umbrella in October, 2011.

McDonald USAF GP, LLC (General Partner) and McDonald Partners, LLC (a financial advisory firm controlled by Thomas M. McDonald) announce the formation and capitalization of McDonald USAF, LP. The fund, an Ohio partnership and an investment vehicle, will focus on government guaranteed loan programs like USDA’s B&I, CF and FSA and the SBA’s 504 Guaranteed First Mortgage Loan Pools, as well as some SBA 7(a) loans (on a selective basis).

McDonald USAF, LP will be contracting all buying and investment advisory duties to the existing management team for “Thomas USAF Funds,” i.e. Michael Thomas and Vasu Srinivasan, who have run three similar funds over the last nine years.

Michael Thomas pioneered the concept when he started USAF I over 25 years ago with investors like Aegon and NMB Bank (now ING). Over the last nine years, Michael Thomas and Vasu Srinivasan have founded and managed USAF II, USAF III, as well as Thomas USAF Group, LLC (collectively referred to as the “Thomas USAF Funds”).

Over the years, the “Thomas USAF Funds” have purchased in excess of $2.5 Billion of SBA and USDA loans in the secondary market and have been a dominant player in the USDA Business & Industry sector. McDonald USAF, LP will be the fifth fund managed under the “Thomas USAF Funds” umbrella.

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